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CK6140S/1000 Microcomputer Controlled CNC Lathe


Model: CK6140S/1000

The CNC Lathe adopts ISO International Code. 

Product specifications:

Max. swing over bed 410mm(16")
Max. swing over slide 225/Ø150mm
(Gang tools)
Max. turned length  500/750/1000mm
Max. turning length   450/700/950 mm
Spindle nose C6
Spindle bore 52mm
Cone hole diameter and taper of spindle hole MT.No.6
Steps of spindle speed(Manual) Variable
Range of spindle speed 200~2800r/min
Rapid feed for Axis Z 10m/min
Rapid feed for Axis X 8 m/min
Max. travel of Axis Z 460mm(18")
Max. travel of Axis X 180/270mm
(Gang tools)
Min. input 0.001mm
Tool post stations 4-ways or 6-ways or gang tools
Tool cross section 20×20 mm
External diameter 60mm
Taper of bore MT.No.4
Max. Traverse 120 mm
X/Z motor torque 3.6/4.7Nm
Power of main motor 3.7KW(special order 505KW)
Power of cooling pump  75W
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (1870,2120,2370)×1200×1415mm
Net weight 1600,1800,2000㎏

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